Till three or four decades back Ayurveda was not only a system of medicine but also a way of healthy living. As the classical books say it focuses primarily on preventing the disease then on treating ailments. We not just oppose the disease symptom by medicine, but find out the root cause of the disease and remove it from there. For restoring the disarranged equilibrium Ayurveda mainly uses two streams of treatments that are Samana and Sodhana.Sodhana means curative treatment include panckarmas ,rakthamokshana etc . In this the diseases will be usually of chronic origin or high severity. Samana is the palliative treatments include oral intake of medicine etc.

By sodhana treatment the body and mind of the patient get purified and obtain a feeling of lightness with good digestive power. According to the ayurvedic concept the medicines act better and properly in a purified body .Panchakarmas that is pancha sodhana karmas are meant for the purification of the body .After sodhana karma, gives samana line of management in various medicinal forms.