TARANGINI-Stress Management

We are offering our excellent package “taragini” especially for IT professionals/businessmen to relive from their tensions, stress and strain. We are doing the therapies as neural stimulant and stress relief. Be stress free with our procedures and increase your working potential. This is of 7/14/21 days duration for the convenience of our clients and it includes

  • Nasya along with dhoomapana and kavala
  • Shirodhara with medicated oil/buttermilk
  • Relaxation massage/ special massage
  • Facial packs/body scrub
  • Full body steam

JEEVANAM-for a healthy offspring

“jeevanam” offers the restoring of both mental and physical health and make yourself eligible for a healthy offspring . We are inviting you to increase yours body potency and relive from infertility. Our special therapies and medicines will act as a rejuvenator for your body.

  • Snehapana
  • Swedhana
  • Virechana
  • Basthi
  • Vajeekarana treatments
  • Vajeekarana medicines


A healthy looking body is an essential part of confidence .This is a group of therapies for the purpose of nourishment/to weight gain and as immune modulator. We are inviting low BMI individuals to try this package and experience the difference .Be healthy and be confident. Its duration may varies according at an individual but requires an average 14/21 days

  • Mrudhu virechana
  • Abhyanga and nadisewdha
  • Various types of kizhies like njavara kizhi
  • Balanced diet plan
  • Brahamana basthi
  • Yoga
  • Internal medications


Being healthy is the best way to prevent diseases and practically the toughest task. Our ancient sages explained many ways to preserve our health and thus be away from many systemic diseases. We are introducing “swathapalanam” that is combined form of therapies which helps to give the relaxation/prevention from diseases. This will help to maintain the equilibrium of body elements; thus maintain the body healthily.Its of 7/14/21 days and includes

  • Relaxation massage(full body)
  • Sirodhara
  • Various types of kizhi
  • Face packs and body packs
  • Panchakarmas
  • Rasayana Medicines