According to Ayurveda , seasons are classified in to six in number ,they are -hemantha , sisira ,vasantha , greeshma , varsha , sharath .But as per the climate of Kerala ,we are getting mainly 4 seasons ie; varsha(June, July, Aug, Oct), satrath (Sept, Nov), vasantha(Dec, Jan, Feb),greeshma(March, April, May)

As per Ayurveda, we have to purify our body in each season and rithusandhi (time period between two rithu when transferred to other)

In Ayurgruham we have designed packages / treatments which are suitable to administrate in each season.



    This is the rainy season; in this season our digestive power will be poor. We have to take the food containing salt, ghee, and sour, which is easily digestible. In this season human body is in maximum weak . There is a need of protect our body by various treatment modalities like virechana using castor oil etc.


    This season comes after rain. The immediate exposure of sunlight will act on pittha dosha and aggravate it. So to make the pittha in normal state, purgation using avipatty choorana and raktha mokshna is effective. Sweet and pungent taste food is good and person should avoid sleep at morning times.


    This season comes in December January and February. In this season morning will be pleasant and warmth and night will be colder. So this will affect the body. In this time people should practice good exercise and various massages to the body. This is the time to eat goat’s meat. Person should undergo the treatment like vamana to remove the aggravated doshas.


    This is summer season, comes in March, April and may. The weather will be extreme hot and dry .digestive power will be very less in this season we have to maintain the digestive power by eating easily digestible foods and doing various purificatory therapies. Food containing sweet taste is good in this season and can take sleep at morning time. Various types of massages will help to overcome the weakness of the body in this season.

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