Panchendhriya Ayurgruham is located in Kerala, India, has a reputation for maintain the quality of Ayurvedic treatment. It’s a 30 bedded hospital which secured ‘olive leaf ‘certificate from government of Kerala for its excellence in quality service. Emphasizing the mission for curing hospital rejected cases in case of chronic diseases, trauma, paralysis, rheumatism, bone disorder, permanent body pain etc., under the guidance highly qualified doctors and eminent professionals in Ayurveda. Moreover, Panchendhriya is located in a remote Kerala village literally unpolluted from water, air, sound and tourism.

Here we follow the classical Ayurvedic medicines and treatments yet Ayurgruham possess all modern amenities for providing the patients a pleasant and comfortable stay.

We are the part of Panchendhriya Group, one of the leading Ayurvedic group in India, having an experience of more than 3 decades .Our sister concerns are successfully running all over Mumbai, Pune and Goa.

In this Era of modernization, busy life schedule, polluted environment, reduced resources, Stress and Strain every individuals are becoming ill by one or another way. Some either coming to know or get diagnosed about it and some may not. Being a part of Ayurvedic society we felt it as our responsibility to take a new step and started Ayurgruham. Here, as the name means we have the concept to treat the patients in a homely atmosphere.